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Prevent Monkeys Steal Your Stuffs When Visiting Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple is indeed considered as the most favorite spot in Bali Island. However, some peoples said feeling anxious when visiting the temple, that’s caused by existence of the naughty monkeys which inhabit in the area of the temple.

The monkeys (Macaque Species) are nosey and a reason why the tourist cancel to visit to the temple. Some of them like to steal the visitor’s stuffs such as glasses, necklaces, bracelets, and etc.

Then, how to be safe from the nosiness of the monkeys when visiting the temple? Let’s find out some tips by us, as follows!

  1. Take off All Your Accessories

    The Monkey Takes Glasses of Uluwatu Visitor

Whenever you plan to visit Uluwatu Temple, take off all accessories (particularly jewelries) on body namely: necklace, bracelets, and earrings which are generally lustrous. The lustrous items really attract the monkeys to come and snatch it with you.

If you already bring jewelries when the trip, keep your all jewelries in your bag in order to be safe from the nosiness of the monkeys.  

  1. Put Your Bag in The Car

    The Monkey at Uluwatu Temple

Entering the temple area means you will see the monkeys. You shouldn’t bring your bag into the area. Put your bag in the car, only bring some required items such as a cash moneys. That will make you feel secure when seeing the monkeys.

  1. Avoid Bringing Snack or Drinks

    The Monkey at Uluwatu Temple

Besides jewelries, you shouldn’t also bring snack or drinks when entering the temple. The monkeys also like to steals it particularly when they feel hungry, although they are always fed by the staffs of the temple.

Well, above are all tips to be safe from the nosiness of the monkeys when visiting Uluwatu temple, Bali.

Meanwhile, need to note that not all monkeys here are naughty. Some of them are tame and friendly. In addition, there are some staffs who stand guard and monitor behavior of the monkeys. So, don’t make these monkeys as a reason to cancel your visit to Uluwatu Temple.