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4 Little Known Facts About Balinese White And Black Square Cloth

During holiday in Bali, you probably see many statues with Balinese White and Black Square Cloth. Doesn’t that make you wonder what it means?

As it is known, Balinese people has many unique culture and art. Everything that you see probably contains a deep philosophy and meaning, as this Balinese white and black square cloth.

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Balinese White And Black Cloth

The following are some little known facts about Balinese White and Black Cloth.

  1. Philosophy of Rwa Bhineda, Like Yin-Yang

    Elephant Cave Bali

The Balinese white and black square pattern symbolizes a philosophy of Rwa Bhineda. It means the balance of the nature or a representation of the two differences or contradictory traits, as “black and white” mean “right and wrong” or “good and bad”.

Its meaning is very similar to Yin-Yang in Ancient Chinese philosophy, which also means two traits that are related and opposite.

  1. Clothes Motive for Statues, Shrines, Sacred Objects

    Balinese Shrine With About Balinese White And Black Square Cloth

The white and black square pattern is also often used as a motive of cloth for decorating statues, shrines, and sacred objects particularly in temple area.

Besides that, the motive is also applied for Tedung – the Balinese traditional umbrella that’s a holy attribute for religious ritual and ceremony.

  1. Some Big Trees Also Wrapped By Cloth With This Motive

    Ubud Monkey Forest Sanctuary Ubud

On the side of the road particularly in rural area, the white and black square-pattern cloth wraps around big trees, namely: Banyan, Tamarind, and others trees especially in temple or grave area

The cloth symbolizes that big trees are considered sacred (called “Tenget” in Balinese language) and has a magical power by local people.

  1. Also Used As Motive For Clothes of Pecalang

    Penglipuran Village

Balinese white and black cloth is also often used for the outer cloth (called saput) that wrap around waist to ankle for the Pecalang - a local security officers of an administrative village in Bali.

The pecalang usually wear clothes with the white and black square pattern when during big religious event, such as: Melasti, Piodalan, and so on. They do duty of controlling traffic

So, above are 4 little known facts about Balinese white and black square cloth. Hope this information is helpful!