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  • Pujawali Ceremony Time at Uluwatu Temple

Pujawali Ceremony Time at Uluwatu Temple

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As others temples in Bali Island, At Uluwatu Temple is also held an anniversary ceremony or often called as Piodalan or Pujawali Ceremony by local people.

Uluwatu Temple Ceremony Time is held every 6 months (210 days) exactly on Anggara Kasih (Tuesday), Medangsia in caka calendar. It falls down approximately 3 weeks after Galungan Day.

Ceremony Uluwatu Temple
Ceremony Uluwatu Temple

During the time, local people will do Dewa Yadnya Ritual, that means a sacred sacrifice that is done sincerely to Ida Sang Hyang Widhi (the God).

Besides that, some of temple building is also decorated by various kinds of items with religious symbols such as traditional clothes, flags, and so on.

Hindus Peoples Worship at Uluwatu Temple
Hindus Peoples Worship at Uluwatu Temple

The sacred dance and religious ritual will probably be also staged at the temple during the time as for accompanying the ceremony that is led by the priest or better known as Pedanda or Pemangku.

Meanwhile, many Balinese Hindus will also come for a purpose of worshiping God so that temple are maybe closed for tourist during the time.

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