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5 Tips How to Avoid a Monkey Attack at Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple is a popular spot in the south of Bali for a fascinating sunset view and Kecak Fire Dance Performance.

Behind it all, the temple also has a scary thing for peoples who will visit there. That’s an attack of naughty monkeys.

Some of tourists even cancel their intention to visit because of attack of monkeys.

Perhaps you plan to visit Uluwatu but also feel afraid and doubtful of the attack. Let’s find out some ways how to avoid a monkey attack at Uluwatu Temple.

Translate ke Bahasa Indonesia: 5 Tips Aman Dari Monyet Nakal Saat Berkunjung Ke Pura Uluwatu

  1. Know Which Monkeys are Aggressive

    The Monkey at Uluwatu Temple
    The Monkey at Uluwatu Temple

Not all of monkeys at the temple are aggressive. Some of them are also benign and friendly. You should know which monkeys are aggressive and must be avoided.

The aggressive monkeys have own characteristic such as holding their child, eating the foods, fighting with their friend, and also having a bald monkeys.

  1. Avoid Wearing Lots of Jewelry

    A Fun Monkey at Uluwatu Temple
    A Fun Monkey at Uluwatu Temple

Before entering the area, you should take off all of your jewelries in the body such as:  a necklace, a bracelet, earrings, and so on.

The sparkle of jewelries is really easy to attract attention of them to seize on your body. So, you should take off and keep jewelries and also handphone in the car.

  1. Avoid Bringing Snacks and Drinks

    Landscape of Uluwatu Temple
    Landscape of Uluwatu Temple

Besides jewelries, you must also avoid bringing snacks and drinks when entering the monkey area.

Cause, it will also attract attention of the monkeys to seize and attack you.

  1. Avoid Eye Contact

    A Friendly Monkey at Uluwatu Temple
    A Friendly Monkey at Uluwatu Temple

When entering the area, you must avoid eye contact with them. Cause, it will make them feel challenged and become more aggressive.

Therefore, you should remember to avoid looking at the monkeys for long time in order not to offend them.

  1. Avoid Hitting Monkeys

    The Monkey Takes Glasses of Uluwatu Visitor
    The Monkey Takes Glasses of Uluwatu Visitor

Perhaps your items are taken by the monkeys, you shouldn’t be angry and hit them. Cause, they may attack you with their group. It will be really dangerous for your safety.

You should ask for help to the staff in getting back your items on hold of the monkeys.

So, make sure you remember all of above when visiting Uluwatu Temple in order to avoid an attack of the monkeys.

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