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  • 4 Prohibitions When Visiting Uluwatu Temple

4 Prohibitions When Visiting Uluwatu Temple

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As you maybe know, Uluwatu Temple is a holy place and respected by Balinese Hindus. There are a few prohibitions and rules that you should know before visiting there.

Uluwatu Temple Rules

Sunsest at Uluwatu Temple
Sunsest at Uluwatu Temple
  1. Use Proper Clothes

Every the visitor will be required to wear proper clothes when entering the temple as a sarong and a scarf as you find out on Uluwatu Temple Dress Code.

  1. Avoid Entering the Temple during Menstruation Period

The women that are in a period of menstruation shouldn’t enter the temple because Balinese people believe that menstrual blood is considered dirty and may cause the loss of the sanctity of temple.

  1. Don’t Ever Say Rude

You shouldn’t also say rude when visiting the temple, caused it may also invite bad things to happen.

  1. Don’t Disturb the Ceremony Procession

When visiting it, you may see some people who are doing a procession of ceremony and worship.

When taking image particularly, use a respectable distance (zoom feature) in order not to disturb the ceremony and prayer.

Sacred Uluwatu Temple
Sacred Uluwatu Temple

Supposedly, if one of above is violated then the one might have an unreasonable incident such as possessed, sick, or fainted.

Besides that, local people may also experience the consequence.

All those are not only apply when visiting Uluwatu Temple but also in the others around Bali.

Well, above are a few the prohibition and rules when visiting the temple area. For more detail, you may be told by the staff at the entrance of the temple.

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