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How to Choose Dress for Bali Trip

When travelling in Bali, you should have a good dress for the trip when visiting amazing tourist attractions, namely: sacred temples, beautiful beaches, fabulous waterfalls, and stunning rice terraces.

If you will visit the temples in the island, wear a proper dress that may covers your arms and shoulders. Also, don’t forget to wear a shawl and a sarong – a traditional fabric that wrap around your waist to ankle, like a shirt.

Specifically for men, it will be equipped with a headdress that called an Udeng – a traditional fabric that tie around head, like a bandana. The sarong, shawl, and udeng all are required to wear when entering the temple as a dress code.

While when visiting to the beach, the waterfall, and the rice terrace. You can wear a casual dress as your style. It is advised to wear a loose clothes for comfortable trip experience.

Men can wear a casual t-shirt and short pants, while women may wear a simple dress. The following are woman dress ideas for Bali Trip.

Beautiful Simple Dress
Foliage Motif Dress
Unique Foliage Motif Dress

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And the last, don’t forget to apply a sunblock on your skin to prevent a sunburn.