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Tipping in Bali Spa: Knowing 3 Steps to Tip Spa Therapist

Search for a guide about Tipping in Bali Spa? Here, we will give you complete information as how much to tip and when best time to tip.

Tipping isn’t indeed required but it’s valuable as a form of your appreciation and gratitude for good service of the spa therapist.

Tipping in Bali Spa

The following are some steps how to tip therapist in Spa. Let’s find each of them in detail.

  1. Find Out If Tip is Included in Bill

    Balinese Tipping Spa Bali

Before tipping in Bali Spa, you need to find out if tip is included in bill or not. You can know it by seeing detail in the bill or ask it to the therapist staffs.

Some Spa in Bali charge tip or service fee in the bill. However, it’s not all, you should ask it in detail when visiting one of the spa.

If tip has been included in the bill but you still want to give tip because the service is satisfying. It’s okay, you may give a tip as you want.

  1. Determine Amount to Tip

    Bali Spa Tipping

How much tip at Spa Bali? This question always make many peoples confused. There isn’t an exact amount when tipping spa. However, its amount is normally 15% - 20% of total cost.

For example, you take spa service at IDR 200.000. Then, you can give a tip of IDR 30.000 to spa therapist. It can be more if you feel got spa service.

  1. Give Tip After The Treatment Session

    Tipping Etiquette Bali

Best time to give tip is after the treatment session. You can enjoy spa treatment while rating whether the service of therapist is good or not.

After the treatment is finished. You may determine amount of tip based on service you get. It will ease you to make decisions. When tipping, you should hands over the therapist in treatment room.

Okay, above are all guide for tipping spa in Bali. Hope it’s useful!