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The Day Trip from Ubud to Uluwatu + 3 Things to Do There

Uluwatu is a popular spot as for its unique temple and stunning sunset in the southern end of Bali Island. It is approximately 53 kilometer southwest from Ubud Countryside.

For getting there, the day trip probably takes 1 hour 45 minutes from countryside by driving a car or riding a motorcycle.

If you have no a license to drive in the island, then booking tour package is the best solution to choose for more comfortable day trip.

You can find a special tour package on recommendation of the drive at the foot of the page.

The tour package usually includes some facilities and services that consist of a private car, a licensed driver, and petrol (fuel of car).

What Things to Do in Uluwatu

Perhaps you wonder about what things to do in Uluwatu for day trip. The following are some fun things to do there, such as:

  1. Witness Sunset View

    Sunset and Ocean View from Uluwatu Temple

As above, Uluwatu is well-known for a sunset viewing point. You can witness a stunning sunset at a unique temple which located on the coastal cliff.

From there, the sunset scenery looks reddish yellow in vast south ocean which really impress your eyes. It is the most waited time by visitor to take some photos in panoramic background of the sunset.

Make sure don’t forget to bring a camera in order not to lose of beautiful moments.

  1. Watch Kecak and Fire Dance

    Kecak Dance Performance at Uluwatu Bali

Besides sunset, you can also watch Kecak and Fire Dance, a Balinese Performance which tell the heroism of Prince Rama from Ramayana Story.

It is narrated Sita (Rama’s Wife) who is kidnapped by Rahwana (a giant evil king). Then, Rama try to save his wife with help from Hanuman (a white monkey warrior) and Wanara (the troops of the monkey).

The dance is held at a stage which is located not too from the temple start from 18.00 to 19.00.

  1. Enjoy Seafood Dinner on Jimbaran Beach

    Jimbaran Seafood Dinner

After watching the dance, you can have a dinner at restaurants which located on coastal of Jimbaran Beach.

The restaurants offers romantic nuances as you enjoy seafood with beautiful beach and sky view.

There are some kind of seafood that you can choose here namely: Red Snapper, Garupa, White Snapper, Barakuda, King Fish, Baronang, Baramundi, Lobster, Sea Prawn, King River Prawn, Squid, Fish & Chips, Mubble, Crab, and many mores.