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Accessibility in Uluwatu Temple for Wheelchair Users

Uluwatu Temple is a popular spot for the tourists in South Bali. It is well-known for uniqueness of temple building, which built over the coastal cliff.

Also, a good spot to view a sunset panorama and watch Kecak Dance performance in the late afternoon. That’s reason why many people are always interested to visit.

On some forums there are some peoples who ask a questions, Are Uluwatu Temple possible to visit for the wheelchair users? Let’s find out it below.

Accessibility in Uluwatu Temple for Wheelchair Users

Uluwatu Open Stage of Kecak Dance

For those of you who have to use a wheelchair, visiting Uluwatu Temple still make it possible to do because there are ramps everywhere in yard of the temple.

You should be accompanied by friends or families during visiting because several ramps are quit steeps so you need a help another person to hold back of your wheelchair.

However, the main temple itself is just accessible by stairs, so the wheelchair users will have limitation to go up the main temple area.

Dress to Wear When Visiting Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple Bali Dress Code

When entering the temple area, the visitors are required to wear a sarong (a traditional fabric which wrap from waist to ankle) and a shawl that ties out the sarong.

Sarong and shawl may be rented at entrance if you don’t bring it. Both items are a mandatory dress code to wear when visiting all temples in Bali.